NVC & Christianity

International discussion group with Father Christlin Rajendram NVC
certified trainer


We are NVC practitioners curious about integration
between Nonviolent Communication and Christianity. It is not always that
obvious. That is why we invited Father Christlin Rajendram – a Jesuit and NVC
certified trainer to shed some more light on the topic.

Our next online meeting:


The date of the meeting 17.04.2024


 Elżbieta Jurzysta

The plan of the meeting:


16:30 – starting the meeting, Discussion;

18:15– summary, announcements.


The meeting is recorded for the learning purposes. Videos will be available to individuals upon
request . Taking part in the meeting means for us that you have agreed to be recorded.
Please consider that before joining. Please do not put videos into social network groups.


Zoom meeting:

     Meeting ID: 711 438 4303   Passcode: 1234 


The meeting is free. There is an option
to voluntary contribute to the expenses for organisation and translation click
here https://kroki1234.pl/nvc-and-christianity/


If you are planning to join, write an email  Elżbieta Jurzysta  to us:  trener.elzbieta@gmail.com



“NVC gave me a
new perspective in everything I do, especially in my spiritual journey”

F. Christlin Rajendram